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this must be the place

Inspired by some of Tokyo’s incredible hi-fi bars and motivated by the lack of a comparable offering in the Bay Area (and U.S. as a whole), we set out to open Bar Shiru, the Bay Area's first vinyl listening bar focused on jazz as the musical jumping off point. Bar Shiru is the culmination of our shared passions and will feature records played on a beautiful analog sound system, in their entirety and in a space built with acoustics as a priority. We sincerely believe in the connective power of music and intend to leverage that power as a foundation for community building, social advocacy & reinvestment in Oakland artists, nonprofits and women-run small businesses.

Given the focus on music and our broader objectives, we immediately knew that Uptown Oakland was the natural home for Bar Shiru. The neighborhood is a burgeoning center for jazz and home to a thriving nightlife scene. Having secured an amazing space two blocks from the Fox Theater (and perfectly situated near BART), we are now looking to build a strong community of like-minded creative partners and investors, who share our passion for great music, great drinks and great company. If interested, please visit the link on the homepage or send us a note via the contact page.

Thank you!

Dan & Shirin